Hi, I'm Rohan Light. I'm about helping the good create the worthwhile

Rohan Light's Bio:

These are my workplace strengths:

  1. Sets and pursues goals for ambitious plans
  2. Focuses on and supports innovation
  3. Communicates directly and candidly
  4. Makes quick decisions with confidence

Here are my business social channels:

  1. For the ideas that I think are important enough to share, check out my Twitter feed.
  2. For the more in depth professional stuff, check out my LinkedIn page.
  3. For my thoughts on the profession of management, check out my blog.

Some other interesting professional things:

  1. I'm the Chairman of the SAS Users of New Zealand
  2. I teach a Strategic Thinking course for Victoria University of Wellington
  3. I write a contributor blog for CIO.com called 'Enterprising Analytics'

These are the phases of my career so far:

  1. Farming 1981-88: where I learned about complex interdependent systems
  2. Administration of large organizations 1988-92: where I learned about work systems
  3. Hospitality management 1992-97: where I learned about different service systems
  4. Operations management 1997-03: where I learned how to build service businesses
  5. Public sector 2003-11: where I learned about nation-scale service systems
  6. Internal consulting 2011-15: where I learned about change management
  7. External consulting 2015-current: where I'm learning about decision behaviour

Here are some of my wider interests:

  1. Historiography. History is an argument about what facts mean and historiography is the study of how interpretations of history have changed
  2. Martial Arts: I have a black belt in Tai Jin Tao, a composite Chinese-Malaysian-Korean style. The form is based on the tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit
  3. Writing. I'm writing an adventure novel set in 1871 Paris. I'm also writing a business book from my blog work.
  4. Languages: I studied Mandarin at university and am currently learning Spanish, Italian and French via Duolingo
  5. Street photography. I'm interested in how people find their individual style and express themselves through their clothing. Check out my Instagram feed for this.

Rohan Light's Experience:

  • Advisor (Senior, Portfolio) at Inland Revenue NZ

    Responsible for ensuring the most efficient and effective delivery approach to Inland Revenue's investment portfolio

  • Business Engagement Manager at Information Design & Systems, Inland Revenue NZ

    Responsible for business engagement with Enterprise Architecture, Office of Chief Tax Counsel, Compliance Planning & Development and Christchurch Rebuild business partners Commenced the Group-level Strategic & Functional Design, Multi-Sided Life Cycle Management and Enterprise Architecture for Business Analytics projects

  • Advisor (Advanced, Group) at Collections, Inland Revenue NZ

    Responsible for ensuring the Group Manager is fully briefed on issues or situations Commenced the Incentivizing Compliance, Customer Effort Score and Behavioral Economics projects Recognized for strategic thinking, change championship, collaboration and relationship management

  • Advisor (Project, Change) at Future Direction of Service Delivery, Inland Revenue NZ

    Responsible for providing high level management information, advice and recommendations to enable effective design of business change solutions Commenced the Insight IQ, Monitoring & Evaluation and Geo-Demographics projects Recognized for facilitation skills, effort at building trust and respect, communication and process analysis

  • Advisor (Senior, Risk) at Corporate Risk & Assurance, Inland Revenue NZ

    Responsible for delivering timely and highly professional support to Service Delivery stakeholders Recognized for customer focus, delivering thought-provoking workshops, providing sound and supportable opinions and quickly building stakeholder relationships

  • Business Lead at Debt Optimisation Programme, Inland Revenue NZ

    Responsible for leading the business team in providing technical, operational and business advice Recognized for a strong ability to deliver, conducting detailed research, providing high quality guidance and quickly establishing effective relationships

Rohan Light's Education:

  • Massey University

    Bachelor of Applied Economics
    Concentration: Financial & International Economics

Rohan Light's Interests & Activities:

History & Historiography, Martial Arts, Gardening, Health & Fitness, Philosophy, Futurism, Cuisine, Old Books, Mentoring, Photography and Fashion